Adamas Bhavishyajyoti Awards 2019

For the first time in India, a felicitation programme organised by Adamas International School witnessed delegates from around the world. 22 Knowledge Leaders, Pro-Chancellors, Professors and Deans from across 20 countries graced the events. With this, Adamas International School has established itself as an international torchbearer of knowledge for young minds.

Category : Extra Ordinary Musical Talent (Toddlers to KG)

Swarnava Ghoshal

As a musically gifted child Swarnava Ghoshal is often observed singing and tapping his feet while playing table on the table. He can extrapolate and demonstrate his tempo through the instrument. He possesses all the qualities to make him a successful percussionist in the future.

Swapnil Sahoo

Swapnil is a musically gifted drummer. He has performed is and outside the school. At this tender age, he exhibits tremendous confidence with conviction to play such a complex instrument. The young drummer possesses all the unique qualities that make him extraordinary.

Category : Best Hand Writing (Toddlers to KG)

Aviraj Sarkar

According to his class teacher, Aviraj other than being academically inclined manifest exemplary handwriting skills. He has already a graceful style of cursive handwriting. His writing reveals eye-hand co-ordination and well developed motor skills. His uncluttered presentation is an inspiration for others.

Category : Most Lively And Well-Adapted (Toddlers to KG)

Shreya Bhattacharya

Bright and cheerful Shreya begins the day with a big smile on her face. The spark in her twinkling eyes shows her fondness for coming to school. She is an enthusiastic and affectionate child and adapts easily to new situations. The class gets a breeze of her sweet smile and active mind in her presence.

Category : Most Disciplined (Classes I to III)

Safa Annan

Safa is an enthusiastic learner who seems to enjoy school very much. She is an observant child who shows keen interest in learning and grasping new concepts every now and then. She displays good citizenship qualities by assisting her beloved fellow mates. She is confident in her approach and is always ready to motivate other childre. She is disciplined bubbly soul.

Category : Most Courteous and Well Behaved (Classes I to III)

Ibrahim Manzar

Ibrahim is a very compassionate and helpful child. He loves to deal with new responsibilities and challenges throughout the day. His etiquette presents him as a role model for one and all. His decent behavior encourages and inspires each one of us.

Category : Most Talented (Sports, Cultural, Creativity) (Classes I to III)

Anulagna Basu

Anulagna is an enthusiastic learner and exhibits a positive and attitude in the classroom. She is a state level champion in SIP Arithmetic Genius-2018. She will also represent West Bengal in National Competition of Arithmetic Genius as well being a karate champion.